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Child Poverty In Inverclyde

Quick Facts:

1. 26% of children in Inverclyde are growing up in poverty, compared to the Scotland wide figure of 20%.

2. In half of the wards in Inverclyde over a quarter of children are growing up in poverty.

3. 891 children in Inverclyde live in severe poverty - 11% of all children in the area.

4. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation Index (SIMD)denotes Inverclyde as amongst the most deprived (impoverished) areas in Scotland with a category 1 classification.

Children who grow up in poverty in Inverclyde are far less likely to do well at school than their better off classmates, seriously harming their future life chances and perpetuating the cycle of poverty:
1. 28% of primary school pupils in Inverclyde are eligible for free school meals, compared to a national average of 20%.
2. At age 16, there is a 16% gap in attainment levels between the poorest pupils and their classmates in Inverclyde.
3. 15% of the poorest young people in Inverclyde become unemployed immediately after leaving school.
4. 19% of the poorest young people in Inverclyde go to university, compared to an average of 37% across the Local Authority area.

Why we do what we do:
According to recently published statistics one million Scots are living in poverty, meaning that almost 1 in 5 adults are on the breadline and the problem is getting worse. These figures include 220,000 children, up 30 000 on the previous year.

Six out of 10 children in poverty are from families where at least one adult is employed but exacerbated by low wages and rising costs of living.

Scotlands poorest households have seen the largest decrease in income with the equivalent of £20 a week.

Inverclyde contains a disproportionate number of the poor, the vulnerable and the desperate with. the Foodbank is amongst the busiest in Scotland.

There is an obvious correlation between food poverty and child poverty with latest Save the Children figures reporting that Inverclyde has 24% children in poverty and 1000 children in severe poverty (11%).
Inverclyde is amongst the highest areas for deprivation in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) statistics.

No child in our community must feel stigmatised or marginalised because of the impact of poverty. Children from poor families will, as a consequence of our organisation's purpose and activities, feel valued and be empowered to participate - on an equal footing -  with their more affluent peers, in all opportunities available to Inverclyde's children. 
Poverty can have a profound impact on the child, their family, and the rest of society. It often sets in motion a deepening spiral of social exclusion, creating problems in education, employment, mental and physical health and social interaction.

Our charity, incorporated and registered by OSCR in January 2014, aims to assist in the alleviation of poverty on these impoverished families by providing support through donated new clothing, educational books and toys.

However, our main thrust is in the provision of holidays for Inverclyde families in poverty to the beautiful scenic location of Hunters Quay Holiday Park on the Cowal Peninsula.
Here, children and their families will enjoy great facilities with recreational and outdoor activities where they can feel stimulated,energised, laugh and get them interested in life.

There should not be people living with nothing, in destitution, in a country as prosperous as Scotland.
There should not be parents going without food to feed and clothe their children.
There should not be almost 24% of children in in Inverclyde who likely will not have a holiday,
will not be clothed properly and who constantly feel marginalised.
Britain is the sixth largest economy in the world with more millionaires than ever, so why have 330,000 food parcels been handed out to hungry children? Inverclyde accounts for over 4000 of these parcels.

It’s time to think

£700 can send a family (2 adults & 4 children) on holiday where all accommodation, travel costs, spending money and shopping vouchers are provided.
This year, we have sent 10 families (22 adults & 38 children) on holiday; our ambition in 2015 is to send over 100 children and their parents.
Please consider your support to these families by visiting our donate page or offer your assistance any way you can.

Together, we can and will make a real difference.

Sincere thanks,

Pat Burke
Chairman (Trustee)

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Children in Poverty Inverclyde is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation under the Charities and Trustee (Scotland) Act 2005.

Our charity number is SC044563.

‘Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity.
It is an act of justice.
It is the protection of a fundamental
human right, the right to dignity and
a decent life .’ - Nelson Mandela

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